We are Ashton Church of the Nazarene, a growing and vibrant family centred church with all sorts going on that you are welcome to participate in with us. If you're looking for the perfect church and expecting something slick and 'uber cool' then we're definitely not the right place; We're alive and busy and as such perhaps could be fairly described as 'authentic but a little messy'! We hope that you would finds us to be real, aiming to be the best that we can be, but celebrating even if that isn't as good as somewhere else.


Our primary focus is to worship God in the name of Jesus Christ whom we celebrate as Lord and Saviour. We seek to grow in our relationship with Him through His Holy Spirit. We do this through worshipping together on Sundays, Bible study, talking, praying together in House Groups throughout the week, and serving alongside each-other in a whole array of ministries both within our church building and in the community.


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