Church History 1900 - 1999

Here are the crucial dates and associated events or people throughout the History of our church from 1900-1999. If you are interested in further information on any listed then click on the words or dates that are underlined and this should take you to a more detailed page.


1908: Miss Hulme, an evangelist became the first employee of the church. She had oversight of the Mission and was paid 14 shillings per week. She served for one year.


1911: A young man called Mr Frank Carter became secretary for the Mission. Feeling the call of God on his life for full time ministry he went to Star Hall Bible School to study.


1912: On 15th September Mr Carter was appointed to be Pastor and the Mission was formerly associated with Star Hall.


1913: Miss Crossley and Miss Hatch were made trustees of the Mission

1914: The Mission had 69 members and 9 associates

1916: The Mission had 104 members and 21 associates


1918: Miss Crossley and Miss Hatch retired from the work of Star Hall and handed it over to the Salvation Army.

Old Cross Mission did not wish to become part of the Salvation Army and so once again became an independent mission.


1924: The Mission sold the 4 houses bequeathed to them by William Western. Payment of £100 for each house was given but before this could be handed over to the Mission it was observed that the building had been paid for by public subscription, a plaque on the rear wall of the mission stated this, so the powers that be decided that the money needed to be put into the trust of the Charity Commissioners.


1968: Believing that the £400 should now be considerably more money and official letter was sent to the Charity Commission requesting the present day value. The reply was £198!


1933: After serving for 21 years, Pastor Carter left the Mission on August 5th to start a new group called Town Mission.


1936: Mr George Wodd, an Ashton business man, was appointed to the leadership of the Mission and he served until July 1938.


1939: At Easter the Calvary Holiness Church was approached to take oversight of the work of the Mission which was struggling. Unfortunately they initially refused.


1940: In Novemeber Pastor Leslie Pulham was appointed and served for one year. Next came Pastor Stanley Wood who stayed for only 8 months.


1942: In April the Calvary Holiness Church agreed to take on the Mission and it became a Calvary Holiness Church. A Pastor David Cole served.


1944: Pastor C.J. Pass was appointed and the church only had 15 members. He left in 1949 and membership stood at 74. He went to serve as a missionary in Africa with the Church of the Nazarene. His son, Derek Pass, oversaw the church for the next 16 months before following his Father to Africa.


1950: Rev Jack Ford commenced his pastorate on 1st September and served for 10 years. A great preacher and wise administrator, he was well loved and respected in the town.





1955: On 11th June the Old Cross Mission changed it's name to 'The Church of the Nazarene, Ashton-U-Lyne.







1960: Rev Jack Ford concluded his ministry having left an impact that

would be spoke of for some 30+ years. He was followed by Rev George

Brown who suffered from ill heath and so had to leave within a year.


1962: Rev Alec Deasley became Pastor on a part time basis. A Cambridge

scholar with a brilliant mind, he spent much of his time teaching others. He

was a great preacher, having started preaching aged just 14 years. He

served for 3 years before leaving to go as a teacher at the Nazarene Bible

College in September 1965



1966: On September 10th Rev L.H. McNeil took over the pastorate and he was responsible for collating most of this history. He initially planned to stay about 5 years but settled in quickly and remained in the town after his retirement. Many of his family remain within the church.


1967: Around September time a local church revival broke out and lasted for some 18 months. during this time nearly 200 people responded to the message of the gospel and many are in Christian leadership to the present day. Over the next ten years it became apparent that more suitable premises were required to host the church and the search commenced.






























1981: The October Harvest Festival became the final service in the Old Cross Mission building on Old Cross Street and the church moved to a building on Stamford St - originally built as the residence for Mr Samuel Heginbottom, a wealthy cotton manufacturer, it had become a bank and eventually part of the NatWest empire. Significant efforts were made to make this purchase possible
































1981: 11th October - The new building was dedicated to the glory of God and consecrated as a place of

worship. Rev T Schofield, Nazarene District Superintendent and Rev H McGonigle, a college tutor, officiated at the opening ceremony with about 150 people in attendance.


1987: Towards late summer Rev McNeil retired after serving for nearly 21

years and the Church board took oversight of the church for the next 15



1988: On 2nd July Rev Benjamin Abeledo, a Spaniard married to a Scot,

became pastor of the church and moved into the newly purchased manse at 8 Neal Avenue.


1992: In January Rev Abeledo moved to pastor a church in Scotland.


1994: In February Rev James Petticrew came straight from Nazarene Theological college to pastor the church.