Church History 2000 - present day

Here are the crucial dates and associated events or people throughout the History of our church from 2000 onwards. If you are interested in further information on any listed then click on the words or dates that are underlined and this should take you to a more detailed page




2000: After 6 years of fruitful ministry Rev James Petticrew moved up to pastor in Paisly, Scotland in April 2000. He is currently heading up a church plant in Edinburgh, Scotland, called Mosaic.





2001: In August Rev Gordon Payne, well known to the church through attending whilst a student at Theological College and having helped with the children and youth ministries, became pastor and served until September 2005


At this point the church was experiencing some testing times and a team ministry was provided by the Nazarene national leadership. During this time Pastor Brent Bouton saw to significant renovations of some of the building to create the Coffee Lounge space which would turn out to be a significant investment.


2006: Rev Carl McCann, part of the team, was appointed Pastor and continues to serve in the church. Carl is the grandson of Rev McNeil.


In 2007 Jason Nike, followed by Violet Fawcett, were appointed to oversee the Coffee Lounge as a employees of the church. John McNeil (son of Rev McNeil) took a sabbatical from his work as a Police Officer and started New Hope Ashton before Steve Howcroft took over as a full time manager of the Charity.


In 2008 Jason Nike moved on to Pastor a church plant based around Coffee House ministry in central London. It is called Fresh Ground. At this point Stan Noonan was associate pastor for a couple of years before taking on the pastorate of Oldham Church of the Nazarene.


In 2013 three placement students from NTC joined the ministry team.

Robson Dodd and Colin Atkinson who had joined the church over the

previous few years, and Jack Buxton, previously a member of the

Sheffield Heely Church of the Nazarene.


In 2014 Rev Kat Wood and her family moved to join the church.


By this point the church had grown both numerically and terms of the range of ministries with which it served the local community. Consequently, throughout 2014 explorations were started about expanding the church premises to enable the provision of social housing to be added to the ministries of the church. These expansions would also provide a larger meeting hall and rooms specifically for the children's and youth ministries.


Significant donations were made by the congregation and in February 2016 the derelict night club next door to the premise were purchased and are due to be demolished any time soon! Further funding is being sought to then rebuild.