International Church


We believe that the local church needs to be the primary focus for a Christian but we are also privileged to be part of a wider denomination. The Church of the Nazarene has a presence in 150+ countries around the world, on every populated continent. This includes Congregations, Missionaries, Pastors, Volunteers, Churches, Compassionate Ministry Centres, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals and much more.

It is a Wesleyan denomination by both theology and practise but celebrates the unity amidst diversity of Christianity expressed through other denominations.




Every local church is part of a District (which is usually within a national boundary)

and sometimes districts include internal clusters of churches according to

geography. We are part of the British Isles South District and the North West Zone

within this. Our District also includes Nazarene Theological college which provides

education up to a Doctorate level and is affiliated with Manchester University

District website:

College website:






Every District is part of a Field which is a cluster of nations. Our District is part of the Northern Europe Field which includes British Isles North, The Republic of Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.








Every Field is part of a Region, normally a continent, but ours is

Eurasia and significantly more vast, stretching from India to The

Azores and including all of Europe, Russia and the surrounding

former Soviet nations, and The Middle East. This range enables

some spectacular conferences of incredible cultural diversity.




The denomination cultures a close family environment with all members of the church encouraged and able to participate within the wider church to whatever extent they would like.