Meet our Pastors

My name is Carl McCann and I am the

Pastor of Ashton Church of the Nazarene.

I’m married and have three children who

keep me constantly on my toes. I’ve

lived in Ashton virtually my entire life

and have been leading the Nazarene

church here since 2006. Before then I

briefly lived in Dewsbury after studying

Theology & Pastoral Studies at Nazarene

Theological College in Didsbury,

Manchester. I enjoy travel, good

conversation, films and when I can find

the time and gather enough motivation,

playing sport.

I find Christianity an exciting and fulfilling life and enjoy grappling with the difficult questions that life throws and I hope that my ministry expresses this. Having travelled a great deal I have experienced many different cultures and expressions of Christianity and enjoy exploring these within my ministry. As a result I try to encourage unity amidst diversity within our church fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and worship, all without compromising on the foundational core beliefs in Jesus Christ.


I'm Kat Wood and Associate Pastor of the church. I've been here since the spring of 2014 along with my husband, Joseph, and our daughter (oh, and a dog called Dixie!). I enjoy films, meeting up with people, eating cake, and playing games. I'm also quite crafty - as in arts and craft - including drochet, card making, jewellery making, and cross-stitch.

I love Jesus and find myself constantly overwhelmed and amazed at God's love for us and faithfulness to us; not just here and now, but throughout history. Life is rarely simple but rather is often messy and complicated. Consequently, I think it is important to accept people where they are at and to be willing to journey with them.

I believe that God speaks truth and light into all areas of life and that Jesus Christ transforms people's lives, brining joy, hope, peace, love and life!



Other than us, our church has a part time employee called Violet who manages The Coffee Lounge and there are usually a combination of placement students and volunteers from abroad who are also on the Ministry Team. New Hope, our compassionate ministries charity employs Steve as a Key-worker.

The vast majority of the church are actively involved in the ministries of the church. We have an elected church board, a small group of appointed trustees, and each ministry has it's own team of volunteers.